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Frequently Asked Questions

Hyper30 is ready to answer any questions you may have. Here are a few FAQs to help you. If you still need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

What is Hyper30?

How do Hyper30 business surveillance suites work?

Hyper30 offers a suite of security monitoring and related products that include high-definition cameras, recorders, remote alarm and lock monitoring and control tools. Each security suite is custom designed by our team of experts to tailor to each client’s particular needs.

Whether a retail business wants to set up surveillance cameras to monitor inventory aisles, a large corporation wants to be able to disarm an alarm system and unlock the doors from a remote location, or a private client wants to secure their home while they’re on vacation, Hyper30 is dedicated to providing full services for your security needs.

How well do surveillance cameras capture footage during nighttime hours?

All of the security cameras provided at Hyper30 are embedded with night vision capabilities, which helps protect clients’ valuables around the clock. Customers can choose from a wide variety of night vision cameras that include outdoor surveillance and indoor IP security cameras.

Our cameras transmit clearly defined images directly to any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone synced with your business security suite.

What ar surveillance cameras?

Our surveillance cameras are wireless cameras that contain web server applications that allow you to access and monitor them from remote smartphones, laptops or desktops.

Instead of transmitting video over a cable, Hyper30 IP-ready cameras transmit digital video over a data connection, making it easier to access your footage on demand. Businesses can feel secure 24/7 with our comprehensive multi-camera systems.

Do Hyper30 surveillance cameras store video streams for later viewing or can they only be viewed in real-time?

All footage clips captured by Hyper30 surveillance cameras are recorded and stored through our network and cloud services. This allows clients to not only have real-time access to the footage but also be able to pull up clips from previous times, on-demand. This functionality is especially beneficial for clients who are in need of nanny monitoring, special needs surveillance or business security cameras. All of the footage recorded through our cameras may also be transferred to DVDs or hard drives and may be used for litigation purposes.

What are the benefits that come from having a business security suite installed?

Our customized business security suites can help protect employees from criminals, deter employees from theft and discourage any criminal activity from occurring in your workplace. Footage captured by our multi-camera systems can also help end disputes between employees and customers.

Our security suites have been proven to help increase productivity within a workplace and discourage any excessive downtime by keeping the premises under watch.

Don't exterior surveillance cameras get damaged easily by harsh weather conditions?

No, our exterior surveillance cameras are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and continue to record high-quality footage. We install cameras that are constructed by durable materials that are resistant to heat, snow, rain and ice. Furthermore, all footage collected from outside areas that are experiencing bad weather is still recorded in high definition to ensure a business is being surveilled adequately at all times.

How can I replace or fix my motion detectors if they experience an error?

Hyper30 has a highly trained team of technicians that are dedicated to providing you with maintenance and troubleshooting services at any time. If a motion detector replacement is needed, our company flies technicians directly to clients’ locations anytime on-site services are required.

With offices near almost all major markets, we are dedicated to responding quickly to troubleshooting calls and providing solutions on demand

How can I order a replacement battery for the Hyper30 alarm system set up in my business or private property?

Clients can order a replacement battery for any alarm system by simply calling the Hyper30 customer service line. Once a request is made with one of our representatives, a technician will be sent out to replace any battery or device that is no longer working properly.

How can I set up an alarm when I am not physically at my business location?

Hyper30 customers can set up alarms for their business or private property from any remote location.

Simply log on using your synced smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop and set up a customized alarm schedule to ensure that your property is secure at all times.

What is the best way to prevent employee theft from happening within my business?

To help prevent employee theft from occurring within your business, the team at Hyper30 suggests for business owners to screen all employees before hiring them, always have a minimum of two employees working on the premises and limit the number of employees that are authorized to use the POS merchant system. By implementing the aforementioned tips along with Hyper30 business security suite installation, your business is sure to be protected from any criminal activity.