Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Optic Cable Installation

  • In building fiber optic cable (Multi-Mode OM3 and OM4, and Single-Mode)
  • Outside plant cable (Multi-Mode OM3 and OM4, and Single-Mode)
  • Pathways designed for fiber optic cable (innerduct, armored cable, or end to end conduit)

Data Center Fiber Optic Cabling

  • Cassette Based Fiber Interconnects
  • Fiber optic cable raceway and supports
  • Connectivity documentation

Passive Optical Networks (PONs, GPONs, etc.)

  • Optical distribution network (fusion splicing of PON splitters)
  • Optical line terminal (OLT) installation
  • Optical network unit (ONU) installation
  • End to end network testing

Design and Cable Plant Audits:

  • In building and outside plant cable infrastructure audits
  • Pre-Cutover physical connectivity audits
  • Go forward plan
  • Redundant paths

Fusion Splicing & Testing

Fusion Splicing

  • Single-mode and Multi-mode
  • Inside building and outside plant
  • Pigtail termination (cassette and splice tray)
  • Hot cutovers


  • OTDR testing
  • Bi-directional link acceptance testing (including end to end attenuation)
  • Trouble shooting and corrective action plan

Emergency Restoration

  • Have a prepared, planned response before disaster strikes
  • Rapid deployment wireless bridge kit for temporary links to bypass outside fiber breaks
  • Cable crews can be quickly deployed for both copper and fiber breaks
  • Excavation as may be necessary


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