Point of Sales & Merchant Processing

POS Merchant Processing

Hyper30 offers a Point-Of-Sale (POS) that is integrated and offers a full-featured system designed to handle all merchant needs within a business.

What's POS & Merchant Processing?

POS systems control all storefront features that serve as technologically advanced cash registers. Our merchant point-of-sale systems run on both desktops and tablets and offer features including:

  • Credit card processing
  • Cash sales management
  • Receipt printing
  • Inventory/Merchandise tracking
  • Employee time clocks
  • Business analytics

Our POS Merchant systems are ideal for client’s to be able to manage, grow and optimize their business.

What's POS & Merchant Processing?

Hyper30 offers the equipment needed to set up a POS system that is essential for any business to function properly. Our robust software features powerful inventory management that can help owners track their merchandise and record detailed business reports. Manage transactions and profitability entirely online by relying on our user-friendly POS. Business owners can also grow their sales by taking advantage of the integrated marketing features.

The equipment provided when installing a POS system includes touchscreen tablets with mobile and stationary set-up options.

Small businesses can greatly benefit from having up-to-date POS services and equipment that doesn’t limit counter space. Businesses that travel can also take their POS systems on-the-go and set up shop anywhere.

POS Software

The intuitive POS software is easy-to-use and employee’s will be able to utilize the system with very basic training. The merchant system is also designed to accept all different kinds of payments including chip credit cards, magstripe cards and NFC payments like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. The inventory tracking embedded in this software allows business employers to customize categories and easily track sales. Alerts can also be set up to help notify employees when inventory and merchandise is running low. Clients will have the option of setting up loyalty programs in order to help retain customers and increase revenue.


Our team of technicians have been highly trained to ensure that all merchant processing services remain up-to-date so that business can operate transactions and report profits successfully.

Hyper30 provides tailored installation and support services to ensure that clients get the most of their POS merchant systems.